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Brett was born in Euroa, a small country town in North Eastern Victoria. He has an older brother Peter and two sisters, Sharon 2 years older and Kylie 5 years younger.

Brett’s sports participation started at a very young age typical of most country kids playing junior cricket and football. Living next door to an Olympic swimming pool also saw Brett develop a love for water and water sports. "Brett was blessed with natural talent for ball sports involving hand eye co-ordination and showed great stamina however was never very fast when it came to running", says his mother.

He attended primary school in Euroa and secondary school in Benalla, a 50-minute bus trip from home. He continued to participate in all sports through his school years.

His major influence on sport and life in general was his “Uncle” Tom Watson, although at the time was not aware of the mentoring that was happening. Tom travelled from Melbourne countless times a years for all of Brett’s life while living in Euroa. He spent incalculable hours coaching and refining many of Brett’s sporting skills. Focusing on cricket, football and tennis. Brett recounts the times Tom used to run from Euroa to Longwood a 16 mile trip and was amazed by his endurance, Tom’s love, nurturing, physical strength and endurance was an inspiration to Brett from a young age and still is.

Finishing secondary school and focusing on electronics, Brett was successful at getting an apprenticeship with the department of defence, in the electronics section, this meant Brett had to leave home and move to Melbourne, a huge move for a country kid at age 17.

Brett’s uncle, Ken Duff was responsible for him gaining his apprenticeship and also providing opportunities later to continue his sporting career in Melbourne. He moved to Melbourne and lived with his grandmother and brother for a couple of years before moving out to live with his best mates family. For a few years he travelled back to Euroa on weekends to play cricket and football before suffering an ankle injury that finished his football career.

Brett married Robyn in 1989 and has 3 children, Sarah, Thomas and Matthew.
Brett and Robyn love water sports, participating in water skiing, wind surfing and Triathlons. The children also love the water, running and riding their bikes.

Over the following few years Brett continued to play cricket at a high level for Altona and then later with Coburg in the sub-district cricket association, winning these awards:

  • WJ Price 2nd XI VSDCA Player of the Year in season 94/95
  • 2nd XI batting average in seasons 93/94, 94/95 and 96/97
  • 2nd XI bowling average in season 94/95 and 98/99
  • Arthur Marcy award in seasons 94/95 and 96/97
  • 1st XI club champion in season 97/98

Brett also played cricket in Ireland for 2 years in seasons 95 and 96. Brett is a very handy golfer with a 12 handicap and plays whenever time permits.

Brett’s running really only started in his late 30s when he entered the Olympic Dream 10K fun run in 2000. Inspired by his Uncle Tom who had completed 10 successive Olympic Dreams he hopes to replicate his uncle's achievement and perhaps more. Brett’s fitness level varied over the following seven years with mixed results. However in 2005 Brett’s fitness had declined and his health was suffering. He made a decision to do something about it.

Through lots of dedicated training, race events and inspiration from his Uncle Tom, sister’s Kylie and Sharon and some inspirational reading in Dean Karnazes' book, Ultra Marathon Man, Brett has been able to complete many events over distances ranging from 10K to 100K.

Through his new found passion for running and new lease on life Brett is now embarking on an Ultra Endurance Marathon of 162Km to be completed in 24 hours. Brett has had an overwhelming desire to make the run a fundraiser for CanTeen, 'the organisation for young people living with cancer'.

Brett gets amazing inspiration from these young people and others like them. They take on the challenges in their lives and through Brett’s challenge he hopes to raise much needed funds to help support CanTeen programs.

Brett now feels at full strength and health having lost 30kg and praises God for that, he hopes that through this ultra endurance event others will benefit and also have improved health.


Name – Brett Saxon

Nickname – Anglo or Sax

Born – 11th October 1965

Where – Euroa, Victoria

Sports and Hobbies
Running, Triathlons, Golf, Photography and TV

Favourite Food
Really good roast anything, custard with any desert

Favourite Drink
Gatorade, wine – not together

Favourite Music
Good Oldies, 60s 70s 80s

Favourite Movie
Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Actor
Harrison Ford

Most influential Person
“Uncle” Tom Watson

Sporting Influences
Mick Doohan – 500cc Motor cycle champion
Dean Karnazes – Ultra Marathon Man

Company Director, Project Manager

Electronic Security

( A.C.E.S ) Access Control Engineered Systems

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